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Architecture for brows

If you're wanting to tame your brows, looking for better definition or a fuller brow – then BrowSculpt - (brow lamination) from the HD Brows brand is for you.

Best Brows in Hackney and Islington, london

The HD Brows brand are true innovators when it comes to creating

the perfect brow system. 

Your treatment will start with a consultation to discuss your desired look. Once decided, I will set your brows in place with the BrowSculpt formula before finishing the shape.  This will include: custom-blended colour, hair removal - a mix of waxing, threading, feathering and tweezing and a little added make-up for the finishing touches. 

eye open-pink.png
eye open-coral.png
eye open-blue.png

If you're after something a bit more straight forward, I also offer a simple brow colour and

brow wax which you can combined with a lash colour or have as a standalone treatment. 

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