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Lift, volume, length

With lash health in mind, I only use the best lash lift systems in the industry.


A lash lift is a great option if you want to enhance your natural lashes to give them a luscious lift, improve volume and add length without committing to lash extensions.


There are two options to choose from -  LVL CeraLashLift treatment by Nouveau lashes or Elleeplex Profusion from Australian brand Elleebana.

Best lash lifts Hackney, london

The CeraLashLift system includes the addition of ceramideBio, coconut, fruit extract, avocado oil and vitamin E to help strengthen and moisture the lashes.

The Elleeplex Profusion system is TGI Free (no thioglycolic acid or its derivatives) and with lash integrity in mind the highly evolved  formula minimises the chance of over processing. Includes the Elleeplex Re-Gen 2.0 to rejuvenate the lashes and keep them strong. 


 Suitable for all lash types; long, short, thick and stubborn - the results can last up 6-8 weeks, keeping your lashes looking fresh and saving you time with your morning beauty routine. Both brands are vegan friendly. 

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